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Dr. Kimbrell:  We're happy to be a part of this unique communications medium. There are four of us in the practice who will be participating, and we're looking forward to growing with Know Your Doctor SA.

Know Your Doctor:  Describe your medical education.

Dr. Kimbrell:  I am a certified wound specialist. I completed my training in San Antonio at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I finished medical school in San Antonio and then joined the Air Force. The military trained me to be a family practitioner. Later, I had an opportunity for a fellowship in wound medicine, focusing on hyperbaric medicine, which is a part of wound care. I became an instructor then, and actually ran the fellowship program for five years. After the Air Force, I felt very comfortable with San Antonio so I began my private practice here.


Know Your Doctor:  Please talk to us about the types of medial services you currently provide.

Dr. Kimbrell:  Our group of severn physicians has been serving the community since 1995. We been very fortunate to have helped lots of people over those years. People are living longer, but they are still battling chronic diseases which can lead to various types of wounds. For example, San Antonio has a very large diabetes population. Diabetes leads to high blood pressure problems and immune system issues which inhibits a person's ability to heal.


Another large population we'll see here in San Antonio are those with edema or swelling of the legs. This problem leads to nonhealing wounds. Many physicians have an idea of edema issues but don't have the resources to take care of that type of patient.  But, we're set up to control swelling and attend to any wounds. We bring the vast majority of those patients to full closure, even if the patient had been suffering for many years.


We employ various methods of healing peoples' wounds. There is negative pressure wound therapy, we'll use engineered tissue products which helps us close some wounds, or possibly use organic collagen products to help patients. Those are just a few ways we treat patients in a comprehensive manner. Once a patient heals, we have a rehabilitation clinic that is part of our center that even includes getting the proper footwear for patients. Once we heal a patient's wounds, we want them to stay healed.

Know Your Doctor:  Tell us a little about your thoughts and feelings of being a physician.

Dr. Kimbrell This medical niche of wound care is very rewarding. We are saving people's limbs and that makes a huge impact on their lives. We've been successful with people who many physicians thought would have to lose a limb. But, when we're able to heal them and preserve their own limbs, we all feel a great sense of joy.  Even though we've seen that thousands of times, each patient we help like that is special.


Know Your Doctor:  What do you do to relax?

Dr. Kimbrell To relax, I spend time raising horses. We have a few acres here in town and its been great for the kids to grow up in that type of environment.

Dr. Patrick Kimbrell, M.D.

Getting to Know Dr. Patrick Kimbrell

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