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Thank you for looking into signing up for Know Your Doctor SA. As the flyer to the right mentions, this is a unique awareness building opportunity for your practice. By bringing doctors together on the Know Your Doctor SA website, we are able to pool funds and do the type of advertising and public relations efforts needed to drive potential new patients to your practice, and give doctors a platform to speak to the community about health and medical issues.

​Welcome to Know Your Doctor SA!  By visiting this site often, you’ll get to know some of San Antonio’s top physicians through their own words.  Plus, you’ll also learn about the latest medical information, our doctors’ opinions about those advancements and above all, great tips for staying healthy.

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We Are Recruiting Doctors for Know Your Doctor SA

Doctors Signing On to Know Your Doctor SA - Don't Miss Out 

Many San Antonio physicians are finding out about Know Your Doctor SA. There are more than 7,000 doctors in the area, but only about 300 will be on this site. The first three doctors to sign up in each specialty area will receive a one-year subscription for free! We plan to launch publicly when we get to 60 physicians, three doctors in each specialty.


Check out our new video below to learn about Know Your Doctor SA and why you should join our current list of physicians on this invaluable, one-of-a-kind website for San Antonio doctors.

Dr. Bryan Cox, Dr. Robert Schnitzler, Dr. Firas Akhrass, Dr. Gregory Jackson, 

Dr. Mark Moran, Dr. Guy Fogel, Dr. Patrick Kimbrell, Dr. Randy Reynolds, Dr. Mark Robbins, Dr. Brian Eck, Dr. Karen Allsup, Dr. Jay Rubin, Dr. Ellen Lin, Dr. Christine Vidouria, Dr. Christian Stallworth


Doctors who have recently said "yes." Their new web pages are up now!

Dr. Jorge Alvarez (Cardiology)

Dr. Gary Gossen (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Kalif Kuri (Cardiology)

Dr. Gerardo Zavala (Neuro Surgery)

Dr. Ladislau Albert (Neuro Surgery)

Dr. Osama Ahmed (Neuro Surgery)

Dr. Warrin Donowho (Dentistry)


Medical News for Your Healthy Life​

Love Your Heart

Your mother, father, and grandparents have all been diagnosed with heart disease, so as their relative, you wait for your turn.  Although you have a strong inherited predisposition to the disease, having a heart healthy lifestyle can cut your risk dramatically.

Nutritional Facts

Five foods that can boost your health by fighting cancer, heart disease, lower cholesterol and slow down the aging process.  Did you know that by adding five healthy foods to your diet may contribute to your longevity?

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